How can anyone who was born PAST 1900 even talk about privilege. We may live in a time full of white, cis scum but KNOW THIS: PEOPLE IN THE PAST WERE ALMOST 90% CIS, which DEFINITELY means that anyone who identified different was most certainly 100% oppressed by the super privilege. Anyone who was born after 1900 has no room to complain about privilege!!!  I mean, how can we claim to accept everyone if our ignorant and selfish ideals don’t accept and acknowledge our chronological privilege!?!

Male privilege is..


Male privilege is when girls at my school aren’t allowed to wear leggings and get told off for wearing skinny jeans because it may ‘make the male teachers uncomfortable’.

That’s a pretty lame situation, and scary. They’re only getting you to dress the way they want because of rape culture. You shouldn’t have any male teachers at your school if they’re that likely to rape you. Talk to the administration and see if you can get them all fired!

Mainstream science is an agent of white cismale privilege. Only feminist science is legitimate.

Guys, I finally figured out what knowing your privilege means!


So, yesterday at the bus stop, this couple was making out while waiting for the bus. Not everyone is in a relationship! They should have checked their relationship privilege! Not to mention the guy was at least a head taller than the girl, who was about as tall as me. Tall privilege!

…Seriously, they should add a trigger warning before making out. It’s offensive to single people.

Awesome! Now that you know, make sure you get everyone around you to check their privilege all the time! It’s the only way to win against the misogynists!


Currently studying privilege, racism, and gender studies in-depth, will be offering courses in the fall of 2013. Here’s a preview of what’s to come

  • Check Your Privilege 101
  • ‘Just a Preference’ 106
  • Trans history 203
  • ‘Make Me A Sandwich, Bitch’ 217
  • ‘Nigga and Faggot Are Just Words, Get Over It’ 314